Hired Help and Ethics



This is an ethical puzzle.  When the Nanny is living in my home, do I as a concerned mother and as an employer, have the right to snoop?

My son is my darling and the light of my life.  I  need to work,  especially since I have gone through an expensive, painful divorce.  Bloody, fecking ex …. He is such a parasite.  Worse than the ivy in the walled garden.

Am so delighted that my little darling is achieving academic success, in the group projects and in his tests at primary school.  He is pretty good at playing tag rugby.  The school principal says that he has great social skills, and that my baby is popular with both the other students and with the teachers.  Nanny supervises him, when he is doing his homework and gives him assistance with Geography, English or whatever, as he requires it.  I have to help him with Maths, as she is lousy with that.

The Nanny has been rather moody a lot recently. Chopping carrots and slicing turnips with vigour and venom, burning extra virgin olive oil on the frying pan …, refusing to cancel going to her stupid choir practice, when I wanted to do some late night shopping at Brown Thomas …  She writes about her feelings and thoughts in a spiritual journal, that her good pal, the priest, gave her for her birthday.

Quest – Host – Personal Development Course Project


Miss Nanny:


Host, For You Alone,

(Crumbs I could not Voice).


How are you, host?”

I know you say

that you like me,

enjoy my company,

but I want you

to love me.

I need you to

love me,

so I could be


to love

you too.

Free to look and see,

talk and touch,

to be

and to become together.

I like you,

but how I wish

that …….

our lives could be different,

not apart.

But perharps,

could I not love you

without touch

and without


“I am okay.”

I need you

to love me


and tomorrow.

I need your gentle touch

on my brown curl-away

in a damp kitchen

or your tender caress,

while we sit on a bumpy sofa,

watching “The Great Gatsby”.

I need your care

and your understanding.

I need you to love

my little, blue eyes,

my green, wool jumper, my



my habit of closing

doors, my trapped circle of



from love,

and I need you

to love

my enjoyment of Irish Coffees.

“The daffodils are lovely in Mary I.”

I yearn to

be with you,

spend time with you,

blessed hours

to nourish


To walk along

by the sea shore

at Ballyloughan

strand, see

the Burren Hills

and Galway city like a beacon of hope,

gather shells

and hear

seagulls cry

as they dance

above us.

I wish we could

walk together,




in the forest,


the inner

core of the fort

and listen to


while planes

pass over

the Shannon


“The course is tough, but insightful.”

I want to

talk with you today

and for all the


to share the pebbles

beneath the surface,

under sand


within our souls

 – to share

our pains and our fears,

our joys and our pleasures.

But I can’t fully

reach you,

touch you,


You are beyond me,



for there’s a crossed fence

and a crag full of rocks



“I’ve no plans yet for my future.”




Quest – Project for Personal Development Course


Miss Nanny:


Quest?  The theme of my project is quest.  The ongoing adventure of searching, experiencing, reflecting and of being transformed.  This quest has been explored and expressed through writing poetry, a fairytale and writing a record, plus through drawing images.

During my personal quest, I have honed away my dreams, my experiences, my thoughts and my feelings, as journeyed through, to the essence.  My quest has involved mistakes and difficult times, as well as joy and wonderful changes.


Hanik and Dalro.

(A History of Two Countries).


Two wanderers,

a man named Hanik

and a woman named Dalro,

travelled from a faraway land,

called Zookaguszeen.

During their journey

of searching,

they fought on a rocky montain

with stones

about who

could be the leader

of the

new land.


Dalro lost.

Cut and hurt,

she crossed a vast valley,

made a boat from trees

and went to a big island

in the raging sea.


Hanik stayed

in the fertile valley.

His followers came,

men and women.





Meditation of my heart

Miss Nanny:

“My mouth shall speak wisdom and the meditation of my heart shall give understanding.” Psalm 49.

The young curate gave me the following advice, about how best to deal with my feelings of anger towards Rachel.  He said that there is six stages:

Pray.  Face my feelings.  Name my feelings.  Own my feelings.  Let my feelings go.  From a place of peace and contentment, make a choice of what action I need to take.

Pays d’Oc

Miss Nanny:

God bless us and save us. Some of us think our lives are like a mug of tea half full, some see the mug half empty.  But Lord, but with her, it’s not even the glass is half empty, but the whole wine bottle is full of air! What a silly chore to give me, writing down what is on the label of every bottle that she loves! Oh God, please forgive my feelings of anger.

Lou Mazet, St Jean Du Novi Ciat, Pays d’Oc. Siste et ora viator.

Dreams, Rituals and Disembarkment



Rachel’s Research Notes:

Book Title: Dreams, Rituals and Disembarkment

Peu in North Canada. A place called Peu, with strong emotional, intellectual and spiritual links to a university and to Greenwich. Greenwich is a district, located in Ohio, Canada.

Cassandra’s Vision:

A dream about studying a Masters in Social Psychology course at Greenwich University, in Peu City, Ohio, Canada.  Greenwich is a vast, pretty neighbourhood, where the university is located and beside the old, quaint market town. The market town was originally called Greenwich, but twenty-one years after the university was built, when Greenwich had become a city, the name was changed to Peu.